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And a Lucci Birthday to you, too!

You all just need to see this clip. I’m not even going to explain it, or what movie it’s from, because it is a work of art in itself. And goodness knows we’ve all had days like this.

So, yep, that was Susan Lucci. And really, that’s all you need to know.

Interestingly enough, when I chose this clip, I didn’t even realize that it was connected with Barbie (posted below)! But it is! Yes, Barbie and Susan Lucci share a birthday. So that is kismet for you.


3 Responses to “And a Lucci Birthday to you, too!”

  1. Many moons ago, Mikel took me to the Lambda Book Awards in Chicago and I was seated next to Justin Chin, who was up for an award for poetry. When his catagory was announced and after he didn’t win, Justin turned to me and said “Sixteen more {losses} until I achieve Lucci-ness.” It was genius! On Sunday, I will raise a glass to the Lucci-ness in all of us!

  2. We don’t appreciate winning until we lose a number of times. So Susan Lucci is a professional loser. Barbie is a winner in my eyes and just knowing her puts you in a special category. On Sunday as we fly to Hawaii I will lift my glass of diet 7up and salute Barbie on her birthday and wish Feliz Navidad and Bon Voyage into the New Year. May you get more than you wish for and less than you fear for in 2008. Knowing the business you are in, you are insured a great year. Now lace up your black wingtips and have a great day.

  3. My, that is a handsome suit she’s wearing!

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