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2008’s going to be the best 1982 EVER!

Happy 2008! Well, my New Year’s resolution is to step firmly into the future. No looking back. If we’re going to progress, we have to be brave and stop clinging to the past which no longer serves us and HEY, here’s a commercial from SASSON JEANS! I’m going right out an gettin’ me some. Jeans, that is. To start 2008 right. Here I come, Future!

Thanks, 2008! I can’t wait to have you skate around me and tell me that I’m not in horrible denial about what year it is! THE FUTURE IS SASSON, PEOPLE! DON’T IGNORE YOUR FUTURE.

Ok, back later for more stuff like this.



One Response to “2008’s going to be the best 1982 EVER!”

  1. Come on, people, NO ONE is going to comment on this?

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