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The A-Z List of Things That Make Me Happy

A is for: ALIENS. One of my favorite movies of all time!


B is for BRITISH COMEDY. And Blackadder!
Why yes, I am a massive dork, thanks.


        C is for CHICKEN BAG! And for the phrase: “I have a chicken bag.”


        What? Shut up. 

        D is for DARIA


        E is for EIGHTIES NEW WAVE MUSIC. (80’s Alternative Music makes me happy, too)


        F is for FLAT ERIC, the puppet in the crazy Jeans ads!

        G is for Judy GOLD, a fantastic comedian who saves phone messages from her Jewish Mother.


        “Judy Gold begins her show with an actual recording of a message her mother left on her answering machine. Ms. Gold had hung up on her accidentally one day and failed to call her right back. “Judith, are you all right?” Mrs. Gold says in a deep, Yiddish-inflected voice that her daughter mimics perfectly. “Did you fall down? What happened? Where are you? I’m a wreck.”’


        Yes, you are watching this.

        I is for IT TAKES TWO by Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock

        J is for JIMMY SMITH and the album, Bashin. Amazing, and there’s a great cover of Jerry Goldsmith’s WALK ON THE WILD SIDE.


        K is for KIDS IN THE HALL, the Canadian Sketch Show.

        L is for LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN. Here’s Dave’s classic interview with Crispin Glover (another one of my fave celebs).

        Um, I don’t know how happy they were together, though. I love how Dave handles it.


        Thanks, Mr. Sulu! Thanks to you, that bus almost didn’t look depressing.

        N is for NATURE. THANKS, Nature!


        O is for “OPERATOR”, the 80’s song from the band Midnight Star. If you never rollerskated to this, I am indeed sad for you.

        P is for PROKOFIEV. One of the greatest 20th century composers. Piano Sonatas 7 & 8 RULE! Yeah.


        Q is for Q-Bert. Duh.

        R is for ROBOT. This robot is very polite and not constipated.

        S is for STUDENT BODIES, the 1980 spoof on slasher movies. This is my favorite scene, where the killer calls from a phone.

        T is for this picture of a TUCAN.


        Hi! I’m a tucan!

        U for USING YOUR BRAIN. That’s a tenuous way to segue into this late 70’s-Canadian-children’s- educational-intro-music for the show Thinkabout, but whatever. Because if you think this blog entry is wearing you down, Thinkabout me writing it. I’m a shell of a human being at this point. Enjoy!

        V is for V , the 1984 Miniseries about evil lizardpeople aliens. The 1985 series was OK, but I loved the Miniseries. Is it wrong that I love this opening music that shamelessly rips off Bernard Herrmann? Yeah. Probably is. MOUSIES!

        W is for Wallace and Gromit, the Claymation-tastic characters from England. Here’s a clip from their movie The Wrong Trousers Also, there is an EVIL PENGUIN in it who is amazing.

        X is for the X in TRANS X.

        Y is for YARN. Hello.


        Z is for NOTHING. I’M DONE!



        5 Responses to “The A-Z List of Things That Make Me Happy”

        1. You can only use the phrase “I have a chicken bag” when you are actually shoving said chicken bag in the face of the Rhythm Chicken. Not like I did this or anything…

        2. I have a plush Flat Eric I must introduce you to sometime.

        3. Somtimes when you run into someone you just slept with and you’re 19 and you have nothing to say to them and they look at you and you have a bag with a chicken painted on it all you can do is say… fuck it never mind

        4. Really, for that PSA they couldn’t come up with anything better than “Come ride with us…on the bus”? Really? That was more depressing than any of the rest of it. Really.

        5. TRANS X! God, that song always makes me giddy. The video, however… Could they at least TRY to lipsynch well? And that dancing. And the beakers! It’s like Top of the Pops on acid!

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