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Romance .biz

Well, stupid Valentine’s Day is this week and…uh….actually, I don’t mind that I’m single on Valentine’s Day. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post , my dating attitude is wan and pale like a dying bird. It’s not good!

But that’s no reason for you not to have a fantastic Valentine’s Day. Because romance is everywhere! How can you not celebrate romance?

Horrible, Horrible Romance!

Are you reading these scrolling titles? Don’t look away!

Speaking of love, I love my new short haircut. I enjoyed my longer hair, but I missed it short. It’s easier for me to style and I get to spike it up.

I love it! It’s fancy!


So I’m sending a Thank You Valentine to my hairstylist Calista, who is an amazing person and hairstyle genius. This song’s for you Calista! Um..hope that’s OK…

*Note, Calista did NOT cut this 1984 woman’s hair.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I HEART ALL OF YOU.



4 Responses to “Romance .biz”

  1. Love the new hair cut! Posh Spice has nothing on you 🙂

  2. Posh Spice is the exact celeb I referenced for the cut. Calista made it happen, as always. She is magic.

  3. And a happy VD to you, love! The hair looks fantastic.

  4. Your hair looks hot, but I’m not feeling the love from that hairdresser video. I swear dogs for miles were barking in pain from her voice.

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