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Et Tú, America?

Election season is upon us.


Yet to call the 2008 U.S. election “seasonal” diminishing the power and scope of this moment in time. It is a call to the collective consciousness. It is a pull of mercurial political narrative and ideological schism. Through it the refrain remains simple and undeniable : Our future as a nation depends solely


Hey, America, have you heard of the band Tú?


I know! Me, neither!!!!! What the HELL, America?????

Here’s the skinny on Tú: (according to Wikipedia @TM)

Tú was a Canadian pop music duo from the Toronto area in the late-1980s, featuring twin sisters Amanda DiBlasi and Cassandra DiBlasi… Their biggest hit by far was the single “Stay with Me”….Tu also appeared as back-up singers in Platinum Blonde’s video “Fire”.


You know what the problem is with the U.S.? We’re not aware of the world around us. But mostly Canada. It it makes me ashamed. I mean LOOK AT THEM. With their lion hair and their BOXING GLOVES. So let’s DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, AMERICA.

Enjoy their video and feel good about your newfound world awareness!

And let’s all give thanks to Vlady, a brave and dedicated Canadian who brought Tú to my attention. Hats off to Vlady, for bringing our countries together! With .
Or should I say Túgeth….no.



4 Responses to “Et Tú, America?”

  1. Really it’s just Vanity mixed in with T’pau but for Canadians.
    Am I wrong?

  2. Ironically, they still look hot to me.

  3. HOLY SHIT, I think they managed to get every 80s video cliche imaginable in that video. And you have to appreciate that.

  4. Clearly Tu were why music videos were created. They know how to work it on a budget. Smoke? Check. Amorphous lights in the background? Check. Coordinated animal print skirt/jacket suits? Check, check. Super slow psuedo-sexy song with fake drums? Oh yeah, check, mate.

    I think if Brenda Dickson had known about Tu, she would have LOVED them. They look like they were taking fashion tips from her.

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