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Hiding Out With Louise

Where have I been for the last three weeks? Dang if I know. Suffice it to say that I’ve been hibernating. Yep. Lately I’ve been curled up like a hedgehog in a nest. See? Here I am:


At the end of Winter, even in LA, I tend to hibernate. This means draping myself in blankets and watching bad movies starring Rue MCClanahan from The Golden Girls. It’s an old coping mechanism. And for that reason, I tend to be pretty hard on myself. It reminds me way too much of how I used to fake being sick to get out of the hell-parade that was my elementary/junior high school experience.

Here’s a photo of me in gym class in 4th Grade. God, I look awful. Why won’t anyone play with me?


In the winters, of oh, let’s say 1982-1987, I took a lot of sick days. But whatever, because TV and I were so friends! Which naturally brings us to the 1970’s TV Ontario-based educational children’s show, All About You.


This nice woman in a vest is Louise McNamara, hostess of All About You. For some reason, Louise is standing next to a mannequin mock-up from Hellraiser. Hi, Louise!

Really, there was no reason for me to be watching this show since I was eleven and this show was from 1974 and also for six-year olds. When the opening music played, I recall my sadistic superego screaming Has it really come to this, Lesley? Has it?


Note: (OH GREAT. The video’s been removed from Youtube. Great. Well, you can still find a fuzzy copy of it here if you have a wave player. Annoying.)


But in the early 80’s, there wasn’t much on during weekdays from that dead zone between 11am and 3pm. You got five channels and that was it. But you know what? I’m glad, in retrospect.

There was something comforting about Louise. No judgement from her. I’d like to think she understood why I was hiding there under the blankets instead walking around on a playground by myself crying and wearing snowpants and acne medicine. Plus, Louise taught me about the important things in life, like self-awareness and robots.

So thanks, Louise, for reminding me that sometimes it is OK, even necessary to hide, as long you mend yourself in the process. And that everyone feels like parts of their school experience are one big snowpants acne medicine nightmare- that no one is alone in this. And for teaching me that honestly, sometimes dammit, it IS All About You. And for being my friend even though I looked like this:


Goodnight, Ontario!


2 Responses to “Hiding Out With Louise”

  1. Did Louise answer the question, “Why am I gay?” As a junior high schooler who also took a lot of sick days, I could have used that one. 😉

  2. Wow, Louise certainly IS mellow. Is it just that it’s a kids show from the ’70s, or is it that she’s Canadian that makes her talk… so… slowly… I can’t imagine any kids show these days moving at that glacial pace. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with kids today! Dang kids all hopped up on goofballs!

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