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Not a Joke.

So I went to the video store today and I browsed the clearance used-VHS bin and I saw a giant old copy of Zapped! and I didn’t buy it.

And it was in a Clam Shell case and everything! What is wrong with me? I guess I just didn’t have the nerve. And maybe, just maybe…I’m growing up.

WAIT. Sorry. NO. That is NOT why. Sorry. No. I totally wanted it. It was just…too embarrassing. That’s saying something, for me. And I’ll bet if I go back to the store now, it’ll be gone. And then I’ll have to search for it and then when I find it, I’ll have to marry the person who bought it. Just like in Cinderella.

Oh, Zapped! Clamshell. You’re my glass slipper. But more gross.



4 Responses to “Not a Joke.”

  1. And then you’ll have to name your three children Willie, Scott, and Clamshell.

    Have I taught you nothing??? Calmshell = INSTANT PURCHASE.

    Ahem. “The Baby.” Remember that one?

  2. crap. I meant “Clamshell.” Why is there no spell check? And who says CALMshell?

  3. It’s a RIAA Video Award Winner! That says sale right there! That being said, I’ve actually never seen Zapped!, so you could have brought it over to watch in between episodes of Celebrity Fit Club and Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant. Thank you VH1 for reviving the careers of Scott and Willie!

  4. Last night on cable, “Paradise” starring Willie Aames and Phoebe Cates was being shown. The synopsis of the movie was “teens touch in 1800s Sahara”. I couldn’t stay up for it, but it should be added to your clamshell collection.

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