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Is it OK for me to say that I’m worried about the Spring trend of Maxi Dresses? I went shopping this weekend. They’re everywhere.

If you wanna wear them, fine, I support you, but I’m not getting one. I wore these dresses in 1992 and I didn’t look good in them then. Also my hair was really long and I looked like Bo Bice in a big napkin. Do you really want me to look like that again, America? Also, any clothing with the word “Maxi” in it… I dunno….

Great. Now it’s reminding me of the movie Maxie.

Sorry. Now you all have to deal with this. THANKS, MAXI DRESS.


One Response to “Maxi?”

  1. “Maxie” the movie could have, perhaps, been saved by the appearance of a maxi dress.

    But let’s agree that the term “maxi” just doesn’t work for anything, ever, and should be stricken from the English language. C’mon, when is it appropriate?

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