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Love In April With Mae

It’s Friday night. Naturally, instead of dressing up and going on a date, I’m at home watching Jayne Eyre and eating cereal.

I don’t know, should I be worried about finding love? Wellll…..probably. But right now, I’m enjoying this warm night and snuggling in the comfy cushions of my delicious chaise lounge. And I am going out tomorrow so I should give myself a break. But hey, I know that’s an excuse. I know I’m not gettin’ any younger. Maybe it’s too late.

Wait a minute! Wait JUST a minute! What am I thinking? Has the 1978 movie Sextette starring Mae West as a sexy, sexy, sexy 80 YEAR-OLD siren taught me nothing?

Why, love can find us even after we’re 25. Or even 28! And it will find you even if you’re 80 dressing like you’re 28!

And if the late great 80-something Ms. West can find true love in this movie with that young buck TIMOTHY DALTON, well then, it’s not too late for me, right? Right?

Yeah, going back to watching Jayne Eyre’s looking pretty good right now.

Although, I wish they’d have made a Sextette-style remake of Jayne Eyre with a 70-something Orson Welles, singing Lady by Kenny Rogers to a plate of ham. But that goes without saying. But really I just shouldn’t have said it at all.

But the point is that…um….I’m eating cereal and going to sleep?

Sure, that works.

Goodnight, Love, wherever you are. See you in 1-50 years!


One Response to “Love In April With Mae”

  1. I’d completely forgotten about that scene in Sextette… where you can hear the sound of Mae West’s hips fracturing as she talk-sings. And can we just pause for a moment and think about that hideous bed… and how good an actor Timothy Dalton is for having to be in love with her… and…have…to….catch…my…breath

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