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Full Moon Lesley-The Musical  TM

What do we need to talk about? We need to talk about the fact that there are 2 FULL MOONS this month and that means twice the crazy for half the price.

Can we talk about how crazy these April full moons are? I can’t, because that would mean I would actually have to talk about all the Crazy. Yeah….that’s not gonna work for me….hmmm…if only there was some way for someone to emotionally channel it all. If there was only a way for an artist to crystalize my experiences through song oh wait HERE IT IS. HERE’S JEKYLL AND HYDE- THE MUSICAL STARRING DAVID HASSELHOFF.

* Program Change: Due to Illness, the part of part of Lesley will played tonight by this singing prostitute and and David Hasellhoff (Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde) will star as the moon. Please see the box office for refunds.


3 Responses to “Full Moon Lesley-The Musical  TM”

  1. You got to hope that he is a “class act” and keeps his breath minty fresh for his co-stars, cuz I would hate to be smelling cheeseburgers while he is all up in my grill singing. just saying.

  2. remember when the furniture left the set….?

  3. Yes!!!!!!!

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