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Ok, Sorry, Everybody…

Sorry. Sorry. I said I was going to post more often and hey, that was a lie. I was in Wisconsin again…at least I think I was….kind of a blur…Then I came back to and collapsed on my face.

Speaking of face, I’ve become addicted to Facebook. So I am off my game. No excuses. But thanks to Facebook, I’ve got a few more of you out there reading. So howdy, new viewers!

God…what..what have I been doing? NOTHING. Oh yeah, I nearly got sideswiped a few days ago by someone in a car who had a bumper sticker that said “Reading Is Sexy” on it.

Yeah, that’s the bumper sticker, alright. You know what else is sexy, Bumper Sticker? Me punching you in the face.

Other than that, it’s been pretty calm around here. Hmm, too calm if you ask me. But until the next bizarre thing happens, and it always happens, I’m just going to have to tide you all over with a random clip of something.

What do YOU think happened on this episode of Partners In Crime?. Write in to P.O. Box Partners In Crime, Inc and we’ll read your story on the air and then cancel it halfway through the first sentence.

I told you I got nothin’. Thank you. Won’t you? Thank you.


3 Responses to “Ok, Sorry, Everybody…”

  1. dude! love the partners in crime! just told my co-worker that i remember watching it in the ’80’s! did you know… the characters met ‘cuz they were both dating the same private detective. and at his funeral, they were both treated like the guy’s grieving girlfriend, until they turned to each other and said, “whaaaa?”. (that didn’t happen, i’m just adding jon stewart to the pilot.)


  2. Finally!

    I was on the bus today sitting next to a woman reading a book about gypsies and blasting Gloria Estefan’s “Rhythm is gonna get you” on her IPOD. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her “Is the rhythm really gonna get me?” since she was obviously trying to send me a message with her IPOD so freaking loud and reading her book about gypsies. She looked at me, said “Yes” and started crying. WTF?

  3. ’bout time woman! Sorry to hear you almost got sideswiped. My poor car was bashed in by a 14 year old. I’ll tell you that story at a later time… Keep the posts a’comin’!

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