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Mommy, Can We Get A Pontiac at the Mall in 1983?

You can tell that I’m getting ready to go back to Milwaukee for a visit soon. That’s why I keep surfing YouTube for commercials like the one below. Enjoy, and keep watching for the SUBTITLE.

Oh, and by the way, I’m related to these guys. Oh, and we had 800 Pontiacs from them. And I never got a doll from them. I’m still waiting. Still…..waiting….

Here’s another Phil Tolken ad at Northridge Mall. Which, by the way, was my favorite defunct Milwaukee Mall. Now with limited lighting options!

Isn’t May a great time to post a Christmas Commercial? Yes, it is. Three cheers for Northridge Mall, not to be confused with the set of Logan’s Run.

Eccch. This post is sooooo scattered. How can I make it worse? Oh, I know! Here’s some film that some guys made in an attempt at wackiness at what I’m guessing is the early 90’s in Milwaukee at Northridge Mall.

Those of you who didn’t grow up with this mall, I’m sorry. Those who did, I’m also sorry, but you’ll see some old footage of Northridge at about a minute and a half in. Yeah, also, anyone who makes it through this video gets a FREE CABBAGE PATCH DOLL.

Oh, and if you can make it through this one, you have my eternal respect for your courage.

Oh right, what was this post about? Milwaukee? This post was about something? Well, it’s too late to make sense out of this. I think everyone went offline by now to splash cold water on their face and end their friendship with me.

Goodnight, Nobody!


8 Responses to “Mommy, Can We Get A Pontiac at the Mall in 1983?”

  1. Oh I sat through it all right. I felt like I had a gun to my head. And now I want to take all of those dolls and run over them in a 1983 Pontiac. Again. And again. And again.

  2. I approve of the above comment!

  3. While you were at Northridge, I was at Southridge. And Southridge still exists, while Northridge is no more.

  4. Can I have my free cabbage patch doll now please?! On second thoughts, maybe they’re just too creepy for words…

  5. Oh, dear. My little scam has been exposed and I have no cabbage patch dolls to give. See you all on Judge Judy, everyone, for small claims justice. (To say nothing of the emotional trauma lawsuits I’ll be getting from that Macy’s clip alone.)

  6. if you want to know what the place looks like now, they are selling the biggest chunk of it for $9,000,000, check out the websites:



  7. Excellent post, I will save this in my Reddit account. Have a good day.

  8. where are those guys now? That was classic!

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