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As most of you know, we had a 5.4 earthquake yesterday in Southern California. No catastrophes reported yet, thank goodness. Then, everybody got a hold of each other on Facebook and it was OK.

It was pretty scary when it was happening, though. A very long 30 seconds. It was intense enough to disrupt the Judge Judy show.

How much weirder could the day get? Well, today I ALSO found out that there’s going to be an outdoor screening of Phantasm in LA. And only 2 days ago I had said” “Hey, you know what they should show outside in LA? Phantasm!”!!!!


* Not Phantasm (Go Brewers!)

Sorry. We’ve had enough scary earthquake stuff, today, so no scary Phantasm pics. Instead, we’ll have cute stuffed animals. Well, actually, I keep looking for cute stuffed animals, but I keep stumbling upon mildly unsettling stuffed animals. Hey, not to go off on a tangent, but WHAT IS THIS?

It’s listed as a “Ducksheep”. Great, NOW it’s not upsetting. I’m buying this thing just to keep it off the market. And I’m naming it “Phantasm”.

Oh, and I’m also going to buy THIS MUSTACHE STUFFED ANIMAL and name it Phantasm II. What the..?

Um…..to sum up…..everyone was OK from the earthquake and I found out that I’m psychically linked to Phantasm. Or this mustache. Whatever.


One Response to “Phantasquake!”

  1. I want one of those mustaches plushies!

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