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My wonderful Grandfather passed away at the age of 90 this month. For those of you who knew him or heard me talk about him, I’m so glad you did. For those who never met him, I’ll just say that he was a loving, giving, incredibly bright and loyal man, and he helped to make me who I am today.

One of Grandpa’s favorite quotes was from Rabbi Hillel who said: ” If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?” Grandpa always said this to me to help give me strength, or inspiration, or just to remind me about what a good quote it is.

Just wanted to share some quotes of his with you.

Grandpa’s Quotes

“Hellooooo (insert name here)!!!!!”

” What do you want to eat? We’ve got turkey, we got pasta, we got meatloaf , we got zuppa zuppa (soup)…. we got cake…we got everything. Try everything”

“We had a dog on our farm that was so fast. He would zip around the house and he would zip here…and he would zip there…and zip around…and we called him…ummmm….Zippy!”

“You are a wonderful, special, intelligent, beautiful person. Don’t let anyone tell you different.” (That was to me.) šŸ˜‰

And finally, the one he said all the time……


Thanks, Grandpa. I love ya.


2 Responses to “Beautiful.”

  1. Honey, what a beautiful and touching post. Grandpas are wonderful people, and your Grandpa was definitely in that category. I miss my Grandpa every day; he is one of my heroes.

  2. I was very touched by this entry. I am so very close to my last living grandparent- I know how special they can be. *hugs* We are truly the lucky ones to have such wonderful people touch our lives.

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