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Thanks, Again!

Well, it’s time to give again to celebrate Thanksgiving. With the help of of the Thanks Rock 47b7d626b3127cceb9771ce9664600000036101aznmlfm2zmx rock. I’m so excited!

Ok, first of all, I’m 47b7d626b3127cceb9771ce9664600000036101aznmlfm2zmxful for WATERBEDS.
Ahh, waterbeds. They’re like sleeping on a hot bladder that moves.

I’d also like to say
47b7d626b3127cceb9771ce9664600000036101aznmlfm2zmx to

Uch…..I can’t follow much of a coherent thought pattern tonight. Do I really have to list a bunch of crap that I’m Thankful for? God WHO CARES? It’s Saturday night and I’m ALONE and listening to the Tic Tac Dough theme and going…THIS IS MY LIFE? THIS IS IT?

FINE. SO BE IT. I look destiny in the face and say47b7d626b3127cceb9771ce9664600000036101aznmlfm2zmx

I need to get up and stretch and dance. Dance everybody! Dance to the Tic Tac Dough Theme! Come on! DANCE! DANCE! GET UP! GET UP!

That was empowering. I feel better. Yes, quite a Network moment for me.

Well, that’s it. I pretty much don’t know how to end this. Awkward.

So here’s this Corey Feldman clip to distract you while I run away.

What? That’s it. Is there a problem? Did you want to say something to me? NO? Fantastic.



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