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…because what am I going to do when I find this clip of the Bette Davis movie The Anniversary? NOT post it?

Fine. Then YOU go ahead and not post it.

This clip represents every family event I’ve ever had, by the way. NO, I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

I’m sorry I yelled at you.



If you email me for a date and you’re wearing a giant matted comedy wig in your profile picture, please be aware that I am unavailable at this time. Also thank you for your interest and please don’t kill me.

This has been, once again,


Sorry. Sorry. I said I was going to post more often and hey, that was a lie. I was in Wisconsin again…at least I think I was….kind of a blur…Then I came back to and collapsed on my face.

Speaking of face, I’ve become addicted to Facebook. So I am off my game. No excuses. But thanks to Facebook, I’ve got a few more of you out there reading. So howdy, new viewers!

God…what..what have I been doing? NOTHING. Oh yeah, I nearly got sideswiped a few days ago by someone in a car who had a bumper sticker that said “Reading Is Sexy” on it.

Yeah, that’s the bumper sticker, alright. You know what else is sexy, Bumper Sticker? Me punching you in the face.

Other than that, it’s been pretty calm around here. Hmm, too calm if you ask me. But until the next bizarre thing happens, and it always happens, I’m just going to have to tide you all over with a random clip of something.

What do YOU think happened on this episode of Partners In Crime?. Write in to P.O. Box Partners In Crime, Inc and we’ll read your story on the air and then cancel it halfway through the first sentence.

I told you I got nothin’. Thank you. Won’t you? Thank you.


What do we need to talk about? We need to talk about the fact that there are 2 FULL MOONS this month and that means twice the crazy for half the price.

Can we talk about how crazy these April full moons are? I can’t, because that would mean I would actually have to talk about all the Crazy. Yeah….that’s not gonna work for me….hmmm…if only there was some way for someone to emotionally channel it all. If there was only a way for an artist to crystalize my experiences through song oh wait HERE IT IS. HERE’S JEKYLL AND HYDE- THE MUSICAL STARRING DAVID HASSELHOFF.

* Program Change: Due to Illness, the part of part of Lesley will played tonight by this singing prostitute and and David Hasellhoff (Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde) will star as the moon. Please see the box office for refunds.


Note to all the people who cut me off in their cars today during a lane closure on Olympic Boulevard:

F@^$%* you.

This has been


Hi, everybody. Hope you had a good weekend. I had SUCH a great weekend:

I went to the M Bar in Hollywood to see 3 shows and have dinner. Dinner theater! First, there was a comedy radio show called The Thrilling Adventure & Supernatural Suspense Hour. Then, I heard the Folk-Indie band Common Rotation.

And finally, I heard The Dust Bowl Cavaliers, a terrific Bluegrass Band. Along with bluegrass, country and Americana, they do a superb cover of Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny”.

And my awesome cousin Stephanie took me! She knows everything cool going on in LA. I’m so lucky! Here’s a picture of her:

Uh, I was in this picture with her too, but um…I looked like Skelator with a push-up bra in this picture. So I cleverly edited myself out. Here’s another pic of us together!

The music was great- there were banjos flying everywhere. And now finally, FINALLY, I can use my other banjo picture.

I knew it would all come full circle one day.



It’s Friday night. Naturally, instead of dressing up and going on a date, I’m at home watching Jayne Eyre and eating cereal.

I don’t know, should I be worried about finding love? Wellll…..probably. But right now, I’m enjoying this warm night and snuggling in the comfy cushions of my delicious chaise lounge. And I am going out tomorrow so I should give myself a break. But hey, I know that’s an excuse. I know I’m not gettin’ any younger. Maybe it’s too late.

Wait a minute! Wait JUST a minute! What am I thinking? Has the 1978 movie Sextette starring Mae West as a sexy, sexy, sexy 80 YEAR-OLD siren taught me nothing?

Why, love can find us even after we’re 25. Or even 28! And it will find you even if you’re 80 dressing like you’re 28!

And if the late great 80-something Ms. West can find true love in this movie with that young buck TIMOTHY DALTON, well then, it’s not too late for me, right? Right?

Yeah, going back to watching Jayne Eyre’s looking pretty good right now.

Although, I wish they’d have made a Sextette-style remake of Jayne Eyre with a 70-something Orson Welles, singing Lady by Kenny Rogers to a plate of ham. But that goes without saying. But really I just shouldn’t have said it at all.

But the point is that…um….I’m eating cereal and going to sleep?

Sure, that works.

Goodnight, Love, wherever you are. See you in 1-50 years!


Creatively, I doubt myself a lot. A lot. But there are those rare magical moments when you write something and it all doesn’t come out a fumbling, wretched mess. And for the sake those moments, you need a phrase to repeat to yourself; a watchcry, if you will.

After viewing this cartoon at SpacePancake.com, I’ve decided to adopt this one.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not. Come on, Muse! Let’s go write a Lifetime movie together.


Is it OK for me to say that I’m worried about the Spring trend of Maxi Dresses? I went shopping this weekend. They’re everywhere.

If you wanna wear them, fine, I support you, but I’m not getting one. I wore these dresses in 1992 and I didn’t look good in them then. Also my hair was really long and I looked like Bo Bice in a big napkin. Do you really want me to look like that again, America? Also, any clothing with the word “Maxi” in it… I dunno….

Great. Now it’s reminding me of the movie Maxie.

Sorry. Now you all have to deal with this. THANKS, MAXI DRESS.


This video is back up!